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How Different RAM Consumption OBIEE11g by Installation Type

As we all know OBIEE 11g has three install types: Simple Install, Enterprise Install, Software Install.

We had low end PC with 2GB RAM and RHEL6 and OBIEE Standard Editon One Licence 64bit linux.  So we had to make decision which install type to use to stay minimal.

Here are results for OBIEE + Publisher only installation. No EssBase or Real Time Decisions:

Enterprise Install consumes less RAM than Simple Install – by ~200 MB. Would be nice to prove with more tests. That’s a bit controversy as enterprise install has node manager running, extra managed server running. So it’s at least two more services running than Simple Install case.

Enterprise Install

=0.172+1.5+4.1+1.3+15+9.8+0.684=32.556 MB

=0.004+3.1+0.004+696.7+0.004+408.2=1108.012 MB

Total = 1140 MB

Simple Install

=0.008+1.7+0.852+8+23.4+1.7+6.7=42.36 MB

=0.044+0.044+1300=1300.088 MB

Total = 1343.14 MB