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Upgrade Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One 10g

Metalink document ID 743916.1


Upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One to higher versions of the underlying components (Doc ID 743916.1)

“Customers may upgrade to the latest 10.1.3.x versions of the BI components by running the BI Enterprise Edition 10.1.3.x Installer. They will be alerted that there is an installation already present and prompted to preserve the existing configuration. They should choose that option and the installer will leave the existing configuration (to include Repository, Web Catalog, etc) in tact and install the newer versions of the components. Note that when upgrading, all BI components must be upgraded to the same version. Customers may upgrade to the latest versions of Oracle Database 10g or Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g by applying the supported appropriate patches as needed. A note on platform support — Oracle BI SE One is available for Windows platforms only. Oracle does not support Oracle BI SE One on other platforms. A note on licensing — By license, customers are restricted to using BI Server, BI Answers, BI Dashboards, BI Publisher, BI Administration Tool, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Warehouse Builder Core ETL functionality. Note that the BI SE One installation installs all of the BI components — those listed above as well as Delivers, Office Plug-in, etc. If customers wish to use those additional components they are required to upgrade to a BI Enterprise Edition license.”

so yes, you can upgrade BI to but no, you can only upgrade the database to not 11g (if you want support).

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If you don’t have a metalink login, then basically you can’t have the document. Also, I won’t send this out over email since that’d be illegal:

“You may not use, disclose, reproduce, transmit, or otherwise copy in any form or by any means the information contained in the Materials
for any purpose, other than to support your authorized use of the Oracle programs for which you hold a supported license from Oracle, without the prior written permission of Oracle. “

Something I wanted to post a long time ago, but continuously forgot. This is to finish the recurring question “can we upgrade to or something”:


Schedules or Multiple Configurations licensing from OWB 10R2

It appears, from reading Oracle Warehouse Builder 11gR2: Feature Groups, Licensing and Feature Usage Management, that schedules or multiple configurations requires Oracle Warehouse Builder Enterprise ETL license.

If you have OWB Core, then scheduling a OWB mapping has to be done using Enterprise Manger Grid Control, Database Control or any other application that can manage Oracle Database Jobs.

Moreover, in the project can be only one Configuration module. That means for switching from development environment to production, you can not just switch default configuration to other predefined configuration. You need to edit DEFAULT_CONFIGURATION and change credentials manually each time.