Environment variable ORACLE_UNQNAME not defined. Please set ORACLE_UNQNAME to da tabase unique name

emctl status dbconsole command gives error “Environment variable ORACLE_UNQNAME not defined. Please set ORACLE_UNQNAME to database unique name”. How to fix this error? Add environment variable.

Go to Start > Control Panel > System


On the left press Advanced System Options


Go to Environment Variables…


Pres New…


Enter Variable name “ORACLE_UNQNAME” and Variable value “orcl”. Variable value you can find in Control Panel > Services list. Find service OracleServiceXXX, where suffix XXX is your Oracle service name. This suffix goes as environment variable value.


In New System Variable dialog box press OK. In Environment variables window press OK. In System Properties window press OK. Close System window in Control Panel.

Start command window again and enter command


Output line should show


Hide physical folders depending on user role

One client asked us: “Is it possible to hide/show folders in repository physical layer depending on user‘s GROUP? One company departament sees just Forecast dababase (also related bussines layer and presentation), other Paint, etc.”.

As much as I know, it is not possible.  Is this right?


BI project life-cycle

Usually I make 3 iterations

  1. Initial development from analysis and requirements documentation. Showing to clients. Receiving feedback.
  2. Updates to reports depending on first iteration feedback. Again showing to clients and getting final feedback before release.
  3. Final updates after second iteration feedback. Going to production environment.
  4. Support period.

OBIEE project acceptance criteria

In this post I’ll try to list criteria which has to be satisfied before going to production environment.

  1. All warehouse builder objects must be valid. No warnings or errors.
  2. All pages in dashboards are valid. Links working, filters rendered.
  3. Firewalls open on BI machine to access Dashboards from other machines.

Converting An Enterprise Edition Database To Standard Edition

Recently I could not answer one question. Since Oracle Download page gives one setup file for Standard Edition One 11g, Standard Edition 11g, Enterprise Edition 11g, how can I install Standard Edition One 11g only?

During setup I will not choose any options, is this enough? I don’t think so. In Oracle My Support I found some clues for version 9 [ID 139642.1]. But it says just to drop some system users like MDSYS.

So the question still open. 

How to Determine Number of Sockets for OBISE1

One of Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One requirements (or limitations) is max 2 socket server. How to determine that? On windows machines I run WinAudit program. In summary page “Number of processors” it shows physical number of CPU, that means physical number of sockets. However, I know that I have two cores 🙂 So, I think program shows correct information.


Two cores in one socket CPU:


Oracle Workflow server is not mandatory to have ETL process scheduled in OWB

In Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g R2 you can schedule ETL mapping without Oracle Workflow server. Though, in tutorials in Oracle Library the only examples of scheduling ETL was through Process Flows, which are implemented in Oracle Workflow server. To schedule ETL mapping you should create Calendar and assign it to Mapping Object in Project Explorer. Details can be found in these blogs:

  1. Using DBMS Scheduler with OWB Mappings
  2. Using DBMS Scheduler with OWB Mappings