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    Date in ISO8601 Format in Oracle DB

    Below the code example how to get date format as ISO8601. First example is current time zone. Second example is valid if your database is actually in UTC time zone. SELECT to_char(SYSTIMESTAMP, 'YYYY-MM-DD"T"HH24:MI:SS.FF6TZH:TZM') AS ISO8601 FROM dual; SELECT to_char(SYSTIMESTAMP, 'YYYY-MM-DD"T"HH24:MI:SS.FF6"Z"') AS ISO8601_UTC_format FROM dual;

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    Direct Links to SPM Incidents, Changes, Problems and Work Orders

    Direct links to SPM items Here is a list of hyperlink patterns and bolded text parts to create direct link to SPM (BMC Remedy IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT) items. Sorry, I don’t know which version of the software. Change Request https://[your domain]/arsys/forms/spm-app-prd/SHR%3ALandingConsole/Default+Administrator+View/?mode=search&F304255500=CHG%3AInfrastructure+Change&F1000000076=FormOpen&F303647600=SearchTicketWithQual&F304255610='1000000182'%3D%22CRQ000000243650%22 Incident https://[your domain]/arsys/forms/spm-app-prd/SHR%3ALandingConsole/Default+Administrator+View/?mode=search&F304255500=HPD%3AHelp+Desk&F1000000076=FormOpenNoAppList&F303647600=SearchTicketWithQual&F304255610=%271000000161%27%3D%22INC000001964939%22 Work Order https://[your domain]/arsys/forms/spm-app-prd/SHR%3ALandingConsole/Default+Administrator+View/?mode=search&F304255500=WOI%3AWorkOrder&F1000000076=FormOpenNoAppList&F303647600=SearchTicketWithQual&F304255610=%271000000182%27%3D%22WO0000001757117%22 Problem https://[your domain]/arsys/forms/spm-app-prd/SHR%3ALandingConsole/Default+Administrator+View/?mode=search&F304255500=PBM%3AProblem+Investigation&F1000000076=FormOpenNoAppList&F303647600=SearchTicketWithQual&F304255610=%271000000232%27%3D%22PBI000000050210%22 Direct links to the consoles Incident Management Console https://[domain]/arsys/forms/spm-app-prd/HPD:Incident+Management+Console Change Management Console…

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    Software Development Tools on Windows for ETL Developer

    I will share my list of tools and how to setup on Windows 7. This page is under constant  change and reformatting. Table of Contents UtilitiesWindows UtilitiesFontsEditorsScriptingCygWinContext menu enhancersInformatica Power Center Client ToolsCustomizations Utilities Windows Utilities Windows environment variable editor Rapid Environment Editor portable Windows uninstaller Revo Uninstaller Portable Archiver 7-Zip FAR Manager Total Commander Host File Editor Free Download…

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    Installation of Power Exchange Client Tools

    Client Exchange Navigator and plugins for Power Center Designer to import DB2 sources. Prerequisites You must and user account on the mainframe. Close all Informatica Power Center client tools: Designer, Workflow Manager and etc. Installation Download setup from defined location and extract to your location. Run as Administrator  install.bat Click Next Enter licence. Get it from your colleague. Accept default path.…

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    Installation of Data Integration Hub Client Plug-in for Power Center 10.1

    This post describes how to install Data Integration Hub client plug-in for Power Center Designer version 10.1. After installation you will be able to create custom mappings and manipulate Data Integration Hub processes by using Data Integration Hub API. Version of Power Center Client Tools and Data IntegrationHub (DIH) must match. In my case both Data Integration Hub Power Center Client…

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    Import from Power Exchange source error

    You have successfully installed Power Center Client tools and Power Exchange Navigator, but still receive below error. You get it when you choose Import from Power Exchange source in the Mapping Designer. Try to fully restart your computer. It helped me. Designer Error occurred loading library [dtIscIi32.dII]. System error encountered is 126. Error text is The specified module could not…